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City, 1969

Edward Ruscha

American, 1937-
Lithograph on calendered Rives BFK paper; torn and deckle edges, bleed image
sheet: 17-1/8 x 24-1/8 in. (43.5 x 61.3 cm)
Norton Simon Museum, Anonymous Gift
© 2012 Edward Ruscha

Not on view

Paper was very important to the artists and printers at Tamarind. This particular paper, uncalendered Rives BFK, is 100 percent rag and was created on a mechanically driven, cylindrical mold at the Rives Mill in Isère, France. The technical term “calender” refers to pressing paper between rollers or plates to create a smooth surface. According to the 1970 Tamarind publication, The beauty and longevity of an original print depends greatly on the paper that supports it: “Uncalendered Rives BFK was made for Tamarind to our specifications. This paper, like Calendered Rives BFK, is not sized, is near neutral in pH and has good light-fastness. It is a warmer white and is a textured, stiffer paper. It requires more ink and pressure, like the German papers, making large solid areas a little difficult to ink fully. Multi-color images print beautifully matte on this paper. It erases well. The paper stretches slightly in printing.”

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