Afternoon Salon

Meditations on the Buddha

Buddha Shakyamuni or Akshobhya, 13th century
Nepal, 1200–1299
Gilt-copper alloy
Norton Simon Art Foundation
© 2012 Norton Simon Art Foundation

Meditations on the Buddha

Date: Sunday, May 18, 2014
Time: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Speaker: Staff Educator
Type: Afternoon Salon

Spend an enlightening afternoon discussing the evolution of the image of the Buddha. See how artists alluded to his presence in the Railing Pillar: The Great Departure of Siddhartha, c. 100 BCE. Discover the Gupta period, c. 550 CE, generally considered the golden age of Indian statuary, when the image of the Buddha with downcast eyes, androgynous body and plain, clinging monk’s robes was first conceived. End your visit in the exhibition In The Land of Snow, with its extraordinary Tibetan and Nepalese Buddhist paintings and sculptures.

Meets in Entrance Gallery | The program is free with admission and limited to 20 participants. | Please sign up at the Information Desk no later than 15 minutes prior to each session.