Check Room / Large Parcels: Visitors are encouraged to leave any bags or packages in their vehicles that are not needed during their visit to the Museum. All items brought into the Museum are subject to search by our Security Staff. All bags and parcels larger than 11 by 15 inches, including backpacks and purses, are required to be checked in the Check Room. Backpacks, carriers, and purses worn on the back of any size may not be worn in the galleries.

Strollers: Strollers are permitted in the Museum. The use of baby bottles is permitted in areas designated for consumption of food and drink.

Photography: The Norton Simon Museum's visitors are permitted, for private noncommercial use only, to take photographs in the Permanent Collection galleries and sculpture gardens. Videotaping is also allowed in these areas. Photography and videotaping in the building must use existing gallery light only (flash photography is prohibited). Tripods are not allowed on the premises. Works of art on loan from private collections or other institutions may not be photographed or videotaped. Photographs and videos may not be reproduced, published, distributed, transferred, sold or otherwise commercially exploited without the express written permission from the Office of Rights & Reproductions.

Sketching and Copying Works of Art: Visitors are permitted to sketch, with the following restrictions: In a dry medium only; In a location that does not obstruct an entrance or exit; In a location that does not compromise the safety or security of the artwork and/or other Museum visitors; In a location that does not obstruct the view of the artwork. The Museum does not allow visitors to work in any wet medium (including oil, acrylic and watercolor paints), and no three-dimensional copying is allowed. Equipment such as stools, chairs and easels are not permitted since they may block movement.

Sculpture Garden Access: The Museum's Sculpture Garden is open to visitors year-round. However, it is closed during heavy rains and sections can remain closed for several days following rains.

Independent Tour Operators: Independent tour operators may guide groups through the Norton Simon Museum. Each patron in the group must pay the appropriate admission fee. Operators are asked to defer to Norton Simon Museum Educators who display NSM badges. Tours must be conducted in groups of 15 or less.

Food and Beverages: Please note that food and drink are not allowed in the galleries. Food consumed on Museum grounds must be purchased at the café.

Lost and Found: Lost and found is located at the Check Room. You may also contact our Security Department at 626.449.6840 ext 4900.