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Artist: Gego 1 of 1

Untitled, 1966

Gertrude Goldschmidt

Venezuelan, 1912-1994
Sheet: 32 x 23 in. (81.28 x 58.42 cm.)
Norton Simon Museum, Anonymous Gift, 1968
© Fundacion Gego

Not on view

Gego (born Gertrude Goldschmidt, but known professionally as “Gego”) demonstrates a singular approach to the field of geometric abstraction. Stating that her major concern was “transparency,” she created a body of work consisting of linear elements that float in space, whether drawn on the page or realized in three-dimensional form with wire. In virtually every case, the viewer has the ability to see both in and through her compositions, discerning the spaces between the lines, where each element seems to breathe in an open environment. Earlier in her career she worked largely with ink and paper, but later, Gego moved on to create “drawings without paper”—wire and metal constructivist compositions that were linear but had volume. In this untitled work from 1966, Gego weaves both a warp and a weft. The left-to-right movement of vertical lines creates a subtle rhythm and pattern, but the vertically oriented middle ground is disrupted by other elements. The work is clearly divided into four quadrants by its horizontal and vertical axes, and a solid, dark, arrow-shaped marker pulsates in the foreground and reinforces the upward thrust of the composition. The sequence of lines acts as a figure, with the great expanse of background visible through the linear elements.

Artist: Gego 1 of 1