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Artist: Pettibone, Richard 1 of 1

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Roy Lichtenstein, "Picasso's Woman with Flowered Hat," 1963, 1970

Richard Pettibone

American, 1938-
Silkscreen on canvas, Edition of 100, Artist's Proof
7-5/8 x 6-1/4 in. (19.4 x 15.9 cm)
Norton Simon Museum, Gift of the Men's Committee

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Throughout his career, Richard Pettibone has been deeply interested in the art of the past. His appropriation of sources is neither subtle nor indirect—instead, the Los Angeles–based artist reiterates almost literally the language of his predecessors. Tenderly crafted and often reduced in size from their originals, Pettibone’s Duchamps, Warhols and Brancusis speak directly to the act of experiencing art as well as to Pettibone’s personal influences. The present work reveals Pettibone’s interest in Roy Lichtenstein’s interest in Pablo Picasso. The original subject is Picasso’s Woman with Flowered Hat, 1939–40, a portrait of Dora Maar that is dramatically simplified in Lichtenstein’s 1963 version. Pettibone’s diminutive canvas reads both as “Lichtenstein” and as “Picasso.” The two artists had a measurable influence on replication and on portraiture, respectively, both of which were significant themes in the oeuvre of Andy Warhol, whose Pasadena Art Museum’s 1970 exhibition was the inspiration for the work.

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Artist: Pettibone, Richard 1 of 1