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Ekamukhalinga, c. 700

Cambodia: Pre-Angkor period, 675-725
14-1/4 x 4-3/8 x 4-3/8 in. (36.2 x 11.1 x 11.1 cm)
Norton Simon Art Foundation, from the Estate of Jennifer Jones Simon
© Norton Simon Art Foundation

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Ekamukhalinga are linga represented with a single anthropomorphic image of Shiva. The linga is a phallic symbol representing the regenerative force of this god. Although Shiva is known as the destroyer, he manifests the divine trinity in his form as the linga. As described in the Lingapurana, the square is symbolic of Brahma, the creator, the octagon represents Vishnu, the protector, and the cylindrical top represents Shiva.

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