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Roy Lichtenstein, "Picasso's Woman with Flowered Hat," 1963, 1970

Richard Pettibone

American, 1938-
Silkscreen on canvas, Edition of 100, Artist's Proof
7-5/8 x 6-1/4 in. (19.4 x 15.9 cm)
Norton Simon Museum, Gift of the Men's Committee

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In a career that has spanned more than 50 years, Richard Pettibone continues to raise questions about the nature of originality. Born in Alhambra, California, he developed a keen eye for detail through his childhood love of model train re-creations. Pettibone brought this attention to scale to the realm of fine art. As an homage to the 20th century’s masters, Pettibone has remade in miniature works by such artists as Marcel Duchamp, Jasper Johns, and Andy Warhol.

Here, the original subject, Woman with Flowered Hat, is a painting from 1939–40 of Dora Maar by Pablo Picasso. Roy Lichtenstein re-created the painting in his own simplified Ben-Day dot style in 1963; seven years later, Pettibone added his own twist to the continuum of Picasso’s original concept. So much detailed care is given to the construction of this object that even the stretcher and cross bars are replicated on the back. Over a period of 30 years, the object progressed from being a painting, to an optical illusion of dots, to a silkscreen print, in the process offering an homage to two remarkable artists.

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