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Queer Fruits II, 1969

Tracy S. White

American, 1947-
sheet: 20 x 16 in. (50.8 x 40.6 cm)
Norton Simon Museum, Anonymous Gift, 1972
© 2011 S. Tracy White

Not on view

Most of the printers who worked at Tamarind Lithography Workshop made a print or two of their own, and S. Tracy White was no exception. Over the course of his year-long training as a printer-fellow, he created four lithographs, all of which used the blended-inking method. For Queer Fruits II, however, White also used a photographic negative as the basis for his image. He then drew on it, made a new negative of the combined image and exposed a photosensitized plate that was then inked and run through the press. It is one of only a few photo-lithographs created at Tamarind, which rarely experimented with the process. In fact, even the plate was developed at Tamarind (see Otto Piene’s work in the adjacent gallery for an example of another method). The process is widely used today, and it was employed by both Gemini and Cirrus early in their development.

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